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Christmas Pageant 2016

Christmas Pageant 2016
Ivoryton Independence Day Parade 2016

Brunch with Bishop Laura Ahrens
January 17, 2015


Painting the church's garage.

November 1, 2015

Painting the garage. November 1, 2015



The Three Churches of Ivoryton

A social event where guests could see and hear about the history of the three churches in Ivoryton.

May 2015

A docent shares details of the church's past.All the ladies wore straw hatsAll Saint's History
Original GiftsAnd the history continues.....

In the kitchen Preparing for the wind and punch reception

More delicious food

Christmas Pageant
Tea and Silent Auction - September, 2011
Tea and Silent Auction - September, 2011

Ecumenical Service